The History of the

- Northern Indiana Chapter

The Invaders Motorcycle Club was founded in 1965 with the idea that some men must march to the tune of the music he hears, no matter how strange it may seem to others.

My name is "Mad Doctor" and I was there in the beginning.

I was riding with a club called the "Piston Pushers". It was a mix of a few hardcore bikers and business people, mostly AMA types. After studying and learning more about club life, I decided this club was not for me.
So, with a group of like-minded hardcore bikers dedicated to having fun and showing class, we made plans to form an outlaw-type band of brothers.

We all lived in mobile homes except Virgil, who lived in a motel. With no foundations to our homes, we felt like a band of nomads or gypsys.

The plan to form a club is not as easy as one might think. To start with, after a couple of meetings it was plain to see we couldn't agree on a name for the club. We decided to put all the possible names, 6 or 7, into a hat and draw out the new name for the club. It didn't work as well as planned when the name "Barbarians" was pulled. Charley and myself were dead set against that name. Being that Charley and I were both strong willed bikers from the Show-Me state of Missouri, we proceeded to convince everyone else that our choice, "Invaders", was the most appropriate for our new club! Our plan was to start a nationwide brotherhood. After further discussion everyone agreed with Charley and me.

The "Invaders Motorcycle Club" was born on that cold fall day in Gary, Indiana in 1965.

The name was forever sealed in blood when in 1966 Charley was killed serving his country in Vietnam.
May he rest in peace in God's hands.

We decided not to have too many rules as there were already enough laws telling us bikers what we could and could not do. We simply wanted a brotherhood of bikers to ride and party together with love, honor and respect.
We adopted black on white lettering with the now infamous "Green Monster" packed down and riding a wheelie to parts unknown as our center patch. Between the "Invaders" and the center patch, in small letters, was the word "Gypsy". Our bottom rocker read "Northern Indiana". These were sewn onto white denim vests.

Our first president was Ed Smith, a cool dude who wore a derby. All of this first group were strong, healthy and very bold. They were bent on having fun, riding wild machines and showing class at every opportunity. The law came down hard, even passing 10:00 PM curfews in some of the area towns. The law didn't think much of us and we didn't think much of them. We were not very well liked as we did not kiss anyones ass! Like, I said we marched to the music we heard.

One of our first open parties was held on Broadway in Gary, Indiana. It was the first real hardcore motorcycle club party ever held in Northern Indiana. The outsiders that came were in total shock as members did whatever came to mind to show the straight bikers and citizens that they had entered the world of the Invaders. By this time we had grown to a formidable force and didn't care what others or the law thought. If you couldn't get along with us, you'd best get the fuck out of our face.

Then, like now, we didn't claim to be the biggest, baddest or the most liked, but we were and are the Invaders M.C. Brotherhood. We believe that no force on earth can destroy us! After 40 years, I believe that's a proven fact!

Believe me, many have tried and many have died. By the grace of God, we are what we are. Over the years we have spread and grown, while keeping to our original roots and philosophies. We have had brothers fly our patch around the world and had it tattooed full size on chests and backs. We have Brothers in prison and Brothers who have died for defending it. Many have died in wrecks while riding and flying the Invaders colors. Oh, if only we could empty the graves and prisons that hold our people, what a chapter that would be!

Not everyone has what it takes to be an Invader. Some have even tried to copy us, without success of course.
There is only one true Invaders Motorcycle Club, and only one true "green monster". Only a small percentage of bikers have enjoyed the Brotherhood the Invaders have shared.

We are truly blessed.
I am still an active member and still hear the same music 44 years later,

"Mad Doctor"
Charter member, Invaders M.C., Northern Indiana Chapter

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