The History of the
- Midwest Chapter

The Midwest Chapter was started in 1967 by a biker named Mackey Young. He was strong, short, and fiesty and lived in St. Louis. With help from the Mother Chapter (Northern Indiana) he had great success in his endeavor.

The Midwest Chapter quickly grew to a large number and had a reputation as being quite the wild bunch. They grew long hair and beards and were a dirty rank lot. Most of their bikes were chopped but ratty. They were very reckless and well hated by all who came in contact with them, especially the law.

By 1971, the "Man" was getting tired of their total lack of respect and crazy antics such as trying to break Brothers out of local jails. The pressure got so bad that the chapter went underground to give the Greater St. Louis area a break. Many relocated temporarily, or at least they thought temporarily, to Miller, Indiana. Most stayed and later became the Cedar Lake Chapter. A few returned to St.Louis, but not enough to maintain a chapter.

Because of those few and others moving in and out of the Greater St. Louis area we still maintained a skeleton crew for many years.
Then in 1990, with those in St. Louis and a small group of local bikers, talk of reactivation of the chapter started.

The Midwest Chapter was officially reactivated Labor Day 1990 with a few patch holders and a group of prospects. We met with a fair amount of opposition because people still remembered our reckless ways of the early days in St. Louis. We were strong and overcame the obstacles placed in front of us.

With additional quality people we continue to thrive and are once again well rooted.
Vigilance has its rewards!

"Nomad Breaker"

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