The History of the
- Indiana (Cedar Lake) Chapter

They said: "They'll Never Last!"

The Cedar Lake Chapter started forming in January of 1974 with existing members migrating northward from the Midwest Chapter due to intense pressure from local law enforcement, which hampered activity in the St Louis area.

Along with a few "prospects", the members applied for their own charter in May of 1974. Despite a little skepticism from the Northern Indiana membership, the Cedar Lake Chapter started to thrive and grow with many new members and prospects.

Initially, they all wore their Midwest rockers because of where the majority of members came from. And since "They'll Never Last", it seemed appropriate. But soon they started wearing the Northern Indiana patch with a Cedar Lake rocker since most members resided in the quiet lakefront resort town just south of Gary, Indiana. A short time later, the chapter adopted its own rocker, and the Cedar Lake Chapter was here to stay!

Hosting many local events such as their annual Motorcycle Rodeo, already in it's 20th year as of this report, the Cedar Lake Chapter has become a well known and respected part of this Indiana community with the support of many other clubs and rider's groups in the area.

One thing for sure, you will see Cedar Lake Chapter "INVADERS" on the roads of "The Region", and all across this nation FOREVER!

And they said, "They'll Never Last!"

"Quick Carl"

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