The History of the

- Nomads

"Not all those who wander are lost." - JRR Tolkein

The concept of Nomads has been around since the beginning of the club. The first actual Nomads lived away from existing chapters, but evolved quickly into hardcore jammers who often lived on their bikes 8 or 9 months out of the year. They spent the remaining months preparing to hit the road again in early spring.

It was the ultimate biker lifestyle. The Nomads of that time mostly chose rigid frame jockey shift Panheads.
It wasn't unusual to hit 25 states a season, crossing many over and over again. Logging 25,000 to 35,000 miles a season was the norm. That meant a lot of maintenance and even an occasional engine rebuild during the season. They rode through all types of terrain and all types of weather. From crossing scorching deserts in mid summer to riding to the New Years party in Denver, Colorado, in the dead of winter.

They were given a lot of freedom, but brought back many new ideas from places they had been. Some were used, some were not, but it was a good trade off. We got to know a lot of other clubs and that opened up a lot of doors for everyone in the club to travel and party across the nation.

Our Nomads of today are proud of the rich history they possess. Most ride stroked customs with suspension, but some still have their rigid Panheads that they may break out occasionally. They still spend a lot of time on their motorcycles and rack up a lot of miles and states.

The Invader Nomads always have been, are now and always will be a class act!

In memory of "Nomad Bear" an original "true" Nomad.

"Nomad Breaker"

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