The History of the Colorado Chapter
How We Invaded Colorado and Lived to Tell the Tale

It started back in 1973 when two Invaders, Spider and Gary, moved to Colorado.

In the next couple of years several brothers from back east came out for a visit to find out what Colorado was all about and some decided to stay. With this core and some local bikers, the Denver (later to become the Colorado) chapter of the Invaders Motorcycle Club was formed in 1975.

There were some people that resisted our chapter, but they are gone and we are still here.

Along the way we picked up members from other clubs, the biggest bunch coming from the Knightriders M.C..

It was interesting watching the changes the brothers from back east made to their bikes when they moved out here from back east, where gas stations are two blocks apart, where the nearest town is no more than ten miles away, and two-foot ditches have guardrails.
A few rides in the mountains and the peanut tanks came off and on went the fat-bobs, saddle bags to carry enough clothes to handle large temperature changes in a few miles, and working front brakes for the 500 ft. dropoffs with no guardrails.

Over the years the chapter has had it's up and downs but we are still going strong and intend to stay here for a long time. If for no other reason than to give our brothers a place to come for some great riding!

Sieg Heil!

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