” I brought you into this world son and if you make me I will take you out! ”
— “Washington” —

“As we ride down the lonely highway we will think of our Brothers that are on Earth and the ones that have passed on to another place, We will respect our Brothers and will not neglect them at the time of their troubles. If we do this may the spirits protect us and may the heavens accept us!”
— “Nomad Gino” —

“I feel that if every Brother here, as he goes on through life,
if he does the very best he can and he gives all that he can give
for the club, expecting little in return, this club will always be the best club in the world!”
— “Mad Doctor” —
On the occasion of our 20th Anniversary-1985

“An Invader that stands alone, is just that. Though proud and brave, he is still alone. When an Invader has one Brother who is willing to stand with him, back to back, against all odds, in my opinion, is unbeatable!”
— “Fast Eddie” —

“Sure Hickok, Holliday, the Earps and the James Brothers were all great pistoleers, but they were no Invaders!”
— “Nomad Breaker” —

“Hey Bro, you’all got any old used Harley parts you ain’t gonna use that you wanna give away?”
— “Nomad Bear” —

“I ain’t makin’ a dime off this deal!”
— “Beefy” —

“They’re all special the first time”
— “Nomad Noodle” —

“Oh she’s all right, she’s just had a hard life”
— “Wild Bill” —

“That’ll learn ya! ”
— “Nomad Noodle” —

“Let’s fuck this place up!”
— “Crazy Johnny” —

“We’re the Boys from Illinois
We sleep in caves and ditches
We wipe our ass with broken glass
We’re mean Sons of Bitches!”
— “Northwest Illinois Chapter” —

“A Life of Chance for a Breath of Freedom”
— “Nomad Breaker” —

“OK, here’s the deal”
— “Mongo” —

“1%’ers should be about head and heart, not cloth and thread ”
— “Little John ” —